Swam offers

a complete Turn Key service from concept, engineering and design

Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design

  • Swam offers a complete Turn Key service from concept, engineering and design, All the way to manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of various blower and vacuum applications.
  • Swams engineering and design team are fully qualified and skilled as Mechanical engineers, process engineers including hazardous chemicals and gases, electrical, instrumentation and control systems.
  • Incorporate appropriate health criteria and factors into business decisions as well as selection and placement of personnel at appropriate levels and assigning the responsibility thereof.
  • Provide & maintain safe and healthy work place through operational procedures, safe systems and method of work.
  • Our team is also fully conversant with the many international standards, such as ISO, BSi, API, CE, Ex and Mining just to mention a few.Swam prides itself by listening to you the customer, we work with you in the development of the best and most efficient system, which will not only do the job, but will perform for many years.
  • As engineering manufacture Swam is very adaptable, with regard, to materials, suitability / compatibility, both for the process and the environment.

We are more than happy to help our customers regardless of the size of the project.

  • Address: C-2,SECTOR-3,NOIDA-201301,(U.P.) INDIA.
  • Phone: +91-120 - 469 6222
  • Phone: +91-120 - 2527610, 2537282
  • Fax: +91-120 - 244 3282
  • Email: sales@swamatics.com
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